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APUC Fiscal Agents

Fiscal agents serve as an integral part of the grant program as they work closely with APUC staff and grantees to administer grant funds. For the duration of a grant, it is required of a fiscal agent to track all project expenditures and supplemental financial documentation according to the approved project budget.

At the close of the grant, the fiscal agent and grantee must coordinate efforts to compile the final report, consisting of an executive summary describing the work performed and results obtained, in addition to a supplemental financial report of all incurred project expenditures.     

Parties interested in applying for grant funds are encouraged to visit with APUC staff and economic advisors prior to submission of their proposal. Applicants must secure a qualified fiscal agent for the for these purposes for the duration of the project. Grant requests may also include an additional fiscal agent administrative fee of up to five percent of the amount requested, not to exceed $5,000, for their services. 

Applicants may contact APUC staff and their regional economic development agency for guidance in attaining professional staff eligible to be a fiscal agent. 

Qualifying Fiscal Agents:

  • Local Economic Developers
  • County Agents
  • Regional Councils
  • RC&D Coordinators
  • Agricultural Loan Officers
  • Accountants
  • Personal Banker/Loan Officers
Individuals interested in becoming a qualified fiscal agent may contact APUC staff for additional information and register to attend a certification training.

Fiscal Agents Certified to Administer APUC Grant Funds in Your Region

Fiscal Agent Certification Training

The purpose of the training is to encompass the key components of what is required of a fiscal agent for the duration of a grant project. The session also provides an opportunity to answer any other questions regarding APUC and the application process.

Successful completion of the training certifies a thorough understanding of the grant program and relationship of all parties involved to include APUC staff and Commission, grantee, fiscal agent and project advisor.20160224_105333.jpg

Topics Discussed:

  • Application process
  • Matching funds
  • Best practices for reimbursing funds to grantee
  • Tracking grant expenditures in project budget
  • Allowable/Unallowable costs
  • Acceptable forms of financial documentation 
  • Helpful resources
  • On-site project monitoring
  • Regulatory updates

Register to Attend

Although attendance is not required, it is however, highly encouraged that current fiscal agents and any individuals interested in becoming a fiscal agent make every effort to participate.
Helpful Resources
Fiscal Agent Fact Sheet
File Size: 80 kb

Fiscal Agent Fact Sheet (Grants Approved Prior to 7/31/16)
File Size: 58 kb

Example Project Budget
File Size: 44 kb

Example Budget Amendment Request
File Size: 66 kb

Grantee Final Report Travel Reimbursement Claim
File Size: 532 kb

Travel Per Diem Rates - Mileage
link off site

Grant applications approved prior to 7/31/2016 will continue to follow guidelines in place during that time.

Thank you for your assistance in working with APUC to improve the quality of life for ND citizens
by leading efforts to attract, retain and expand wealth.

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