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Solar, Geothermal, Hydrogen & Hydro Power

Garrison Dam on Lake Sakakawea is a hydroelectric facility producing a capacity of 583 megawatts.

North Dakota has invested in research for hydrogen, solar and geothermal applications. This includes $2.5 million for a Centers of Excellence project at the Energy & Environmental Research Center’s National Center for Hydrogen Technology, which is attracting hydrogen-based business to the state; funding for research at University of North Dakota for commercial application of geothermal; and funding for solar energy research at North Dakota State University.

Solar, Geothermal, Hydrogen & Hydro Power in North Dakota

  • Several electric cooperatives offer a program to help ranchers install solar powered stock pond watering pumps in rural areas where it is uneconomical to construct electric transmission lines. As an example, Verendrye Electric Cooperative has provided support for over 300 solar pumps and avoided building about 300 miles of distribution line at a savings of about $30,000 per mile.
  • The Geothermal Laboratory at the University of North Dakota is conducting a geothermal power demonstration project in North Dakota in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy, Continental Resources, Inc., Slope Electric Cooperative and Access Energy, LLC. The objective of the project is to demonstrate and test the technical and economic feasibility of generating electricity from non-conventional, low-temperature geothermal resources using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology.
  • The Garrison Dam, on the Missouri River with a capacity of 583 megawatts, is North Dakota’s fifth largest plant in electricity generation capacity.
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